LEt Go From Skinny To Muscle With 3 Steps

Gaining muscle mass can be a real chore if you are born with genes that inhibit weight gain. Skinny to muscle man may be the dream for you but if you take the advice of the bodybuilding magazines and their emphasis on isolation exercises and supplements they are just trying to sell you then you may end up exhausted, with no cash from gym memberships and buying their products and with hardly any muscle gain to speak of!
If it was as easy as the magazines say everyone would have ripped physiques without much effort and those taking steroids and with great muscle building genes may think it is like this; skinny guys need to know the truth about how to gain weight and strength and these 3 tips can get you off to a good start.
STEP 1.Deadlifting and Squatting
Deadlifting and squats are some of the best exercises you can do if you are skinny because it activates about 75% of your muscles when doing them which is essential for overall strength and mass increase. It also has a vital secondary effect which is that the intensity of the exercise forces the body to release growth hormone in large enough numbers to effect your whole bodies muscle growth. If you do just two exercises in your life these should be the ones!
STEP 2.Compound Exercises Are Mandatory
While it might be easy to hit up the isolated muscle machines and work on just your biceps or calves or whatever this is really a waste of time because it brings blood into these areas but not all the nutrients needed to activate growth of any magnitude. Doing compound exercises that effect multiple muscle groups are much more effective still providing that 'pump' but doing more for your body overall and not wasting effort and time.
STEP 3.Focus on Rest & Recovery
Do you use a stopwatch to time your recovery periods between sets? If not you may be missing out on doing two things:
Monitoring your strength increases - By keeping the same rest periods every week between sets but increasing the weights you can clearly see if you are getting stronger. If you do not keep track of your recovery time how do you know if you are getting stronger or are just resting more between sets?
Recover Time Varies on goal - Generally speaking the closer to your one rep max the longer your recovery time should be and the more reps you do the shorter the recovery time should be to give your body the time to recover so the next set actually achieves something.