Bodybuilding Talks

Remember that we really do want to hear what you have to say about bodybuilding, but anyway this week we're going to hear what another Bodybuilding great has to say, and his name is Richy T. So anyway, it's all yours Richy mate - fire away...

"Hi, my name's Richie, and I usually train in a very hard core bodybuilding gym, called Al's Gym in Lymington. We get very few women and very few fitness types, but if they do enter our domain, they are made to feel very welcome and usually stay for good.

As I am a fanatic about the world of bodybuilding, I like to try other gyms and equipment out, as they say a change is as good as a rest. I have been to many gyms, some welcome and help you with open arms, some make you feel as welcome as Ronnie Coleman at a Klu klux Klan meeting - and they call it a business? Anyway regarding the latter, here is a little story.

I went into Bournemouth to use an apparently well equipped gym, at the entrance, was a sign saying: ‘ALL WELCOME' FIRST WORKOUT FREE!

I walked up to the counter and over walked this man, who reminded me of John Inman (I'm Free). He asked for £4.00! I said it is my first time here AND as your sign says, it's free.

"But I can tell you have trained before", he went on to say, (yep, I have 20 or so trophies), ".... so that will be £4.00.!"

"I know I have trained before as you put it but it's my first time here!", I said.... "That's irrelevant young man".

So I gave him his £4.00, went into the changing rooms and got changed. As I am looking around the changing room walls at all the glossy photo's, I noticed there was not even one Olympian, or Pro body-builder, they were all from "Mens Workout" and "Gym" and other faggot mags. After a few tuts thinking "strange gym", I proceeded into the gym itself and thought "legs", so off I went squatting.

I always train alone, so I usually have to ask for a spot. I put the bar on my traps and step back, this guy might as well have been shagging me, he was that tight into my arse, but as a true pro I carried on. I got to my last couple of reps and I really needed his help as I was coming out of the squat position. I swear on my mothers grave he had a "stiffy"!

I totally lost my concentration and dropped like a stone, only the safety bars saved me from being a cripple, as I looked around he was grinning like a Cheshire cat! I told him in no uncertain terms to go fuck himself before I paint the gym with him. He could not see that there had been a problem, as you can imagine this caused a scene, in which every gym member was staring at us.

As I'm looking around all fired up and leery, it dawned on me that I was the only "un-lycra clad" person in the gym, of about 30 to 35 men the whole gym was Faggotsfield!!

The owner then asked me to leave. "Why?", I said.... He said, "Your sort are not required here - I'm afraid you're too macho and rough and I don't want my clientèle upset!"

I grabbed my stuff and went to the counter and asked for a refund, the nonce said NO! After I had thrown a right hand to his lovely capped teeth (breaking two fingers), I decided to leave hastily. After a day the police turned up at my house. I gave a statement for once in my life I actually told it as it was, "the facts" and "faggots"! To my utter shock, the fag who spotted me was a copper, (who would have believed it a bent copper eh?). Eventually I was basically told off and cautioned, so now you are all thinking where is this story going to - yeah?

I don't know neither do I care, but gym owners "Wake Up" - business is business whatever. I would also like to add that the bent copper and I are extremely happy together (JOKE)."

Anyway, let's leave it there for this week while you at least have a smile on your face, so next week we will get some really great bodybuilding tips as well as proven supplement suggestions, so until then.