Bodybuilders Health Tips - All About Osteopathy

"Osteo what?" I hear you say! Well, Osteopaths have been around since about 1850. It was developed by a guy named Andrew Taylor in the U.S.A. Basically he was sick of the medical profession's weaknesses in treating illness. They were the days when arsenic and leeches were the norm in medical circles, and he concluded that most of mans maladies came from misalignment of the spine. He went on to develop a range of manipulative techniques to correct these misalignments.

Anyway history lesson over. Let's have a butchers at what the modern osteopath does. Firstly we now know that not all sickness comes from the ‘Misaligned Spine'. However Osteopaths can play a large role in many illnesses, that the public have no perception of. It is generally thought that we only treat lower back pain. This actually counts for about 2% of our work.

A brief list may read as follows: Migraine, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, back, hips, feet and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all. In short your Osteopath is the person to see for all your joint pains.

Let's clear up some misconceptions...

1. Osteopathy is not ‘alternative medicine'. It is now state registered and is overseen by the General Osteopathy Council (G.O.S.C). As from May 2000 only Osteopaths registered by G.O.S.C can be called ‘Osteopaths.'

2. Osteopathy is extremely safe and won't break bones (despite the fact they click when manipulated).

3. It is not generally painful.

4. You don't have to ask your G.P. whether you can see an Osteopath, it's up to you. (Some G.P's still live in the dark ages and hate Osteopaths!).

5. Not all Osteopaths dress smart and talk posh (especially me). You won't usually find they talk down to you, like you're a bloody idiot, you go to the hospital consultants for that.

6. No, it's not the same as a physio therapist or chiropractor.

So how does all this affect the bodybuilder? Well, as an Osteopath and part time bodybuilder, I get to treat a lot of problems associated with bodybuilding, and the success rate is excellent.

Bodybuilders are a pretty healthy lot and recovery is generally very quick. Obviously the quicker we can get to an injury, the better the prognosis. (that's long-term view to you Mick) - (Eds. Note: Thanks mate, now bollocks! Ahem.....). Look at it another way, you go to the Doctor, he refers you to a physio, this takes months and in the meantime you get worse. So you phone your Osteopath and usually get in the same day or soon after, then it's back to pumping iron.

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